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The Concept Something for everyone! - The server concept is simple: Every player should spend their time doing what they love most in Minecraft.

Whether it's playing games, participating in events, hunting for rare treasures, or simply enjoying the regular survival gameplay. The NEXD-MC-Network meets all requirements and offers fun for everyone.

For players who take online play more seriously, we offer a dynamic economy that adjusts based on supply and demand. Players also have the opportunity to collect additional rewards and exchange them for great prizes. Our server features roleplay with MCMMO, long-term events, games, parkour, plots, cities, NPCs, shops, and much more.

There's truly something for everyone here!
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Event: Maze-Breakout Break out of a massive, ever-changing labyrinth with your teammates!

Farm and harvest resources, gear up and survive in the safe center of this maze.
At night, the gates close. Who's inside the maze at night won't have a great time, facing dangerous roaming monsters and traps. Find 10 key-codes to open the door to freedom — The tracking device will help you locate it.

But be careful! Enemies could get stronger and stronger the deeper you explore the maze!

This is a long-time event for up to 50 players. Communication is key!
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Event: Deathrace Run to the end of the death course and claim your rewards. But beware! The Operator's sole purpose is to prevent you and your teammates from reaching the goal. Nasty traps and animated blocks will make your life difficult.

Or... be the Operator and stop the players from progressing. Time your traps and earn rewards for each player that falls. But don't get too cocky. If an hour passes and no player has reached the goal, you won't receive your final reward. The players grant you access to the next room.
This event requires finesse and parkour skills. Do you want to give it a try?
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Game: Jump and Run Jump and Run offers a great way to collect daily rewards.

Depending on the difficulty level, you will receive more or fewer rewards.
The courses range from Beginner to Expert and are certainly suitable for every type of player.
We also plan to give players the opportunity to submit their own Jump and Run courses for the "Track of the Month" selection. If their course is chosen, a big reward awaits!
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Shops & Plots A small sneak-preview on what you can expect!

Cities with different themes in which you can buy or sell items.
Or get yourself one of the plots in Pandora Islands (flying Islands which you can modify to your liking).
Who's home will be the most beautiful? - Of course all items and blocks are safe from being destroyed, neither to monsters spawn there.
The plots are handcrafted and not just boring square automatically generated fields of grass!

You can exchange your items for credits to invest them in different things. The economy is dynamic and allows saving specific items to wait for better prices.
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Survival & PVP Of course we offer a world entirely made for all the brave survivors attempting to withstand both monsters and players.
Yes, PVP in Survival is fully enabled. Essentially there are no rules for the survival world besides from our strict "no-hacking-no-cheating" policy!
Other than that: Do what you want but don't cry if something bad happens to you!

Build your dream house and hope for the best or hide underground where nobody can find you.
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Plugins Here is an exemplary list of plugins we use:
  • EssentialsX
  • MCMMO Overhaul
  • WorldGuard
  • ServerSigns
  • CustomDrops
  • DecentHolograms
  • UltraSetHome
  • AdvancedPortals
And some secret sauce 😉
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Beta-Testing & Giveaway Among all beta testers, we are giving away 1x "Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm Fan 3 Pack" and 1x "Talking Ender Dragon Plush Toy".

The rules are simple:
1. Sign up for the beta-testing-phase by entering your email-address below
2. Get pre-access once the server enters beta-phase
3. Start playing actively on our servers

Being a beta tester not only helps us, but it also gives you a great opportunity to snag some cool items!*

Thank you and good luck!
*World-wide shipping. To be able to participate, you must have reached the legal minimum age for contests and lotteries in your country.